Executive Search

For level of Senior Manager or Executive Level associated with career, trust and prestige, Head Hunter Division of LUMIRA will provide qualified executive level with competencies that have been selected and tested as well as the track record of accurate and up to date information.

LUMIRA Executive Search has a network of clients in many areas that have the ability and competence to be nominated as a candidate for executive. In the process of finding the right candidates LUMIRA will provide an accurate report about the character, personality and competence of executive candidates interviewed.

The error in search of an executive will have a major impact on companies such as: waste of time and costs due to the length of the search for candidates (candidate do not have good quality, hard to meet a candidate’s executive because of the occupation, Bad quality of candidates cause the company’s target is not achieved. Also the cessation qualified candidates because of a mismatch of information on the company. These things lead to executive positions of companies can be returned empty and the search process is performed again.

Just like looking for a captain capable of delivering football team to championship level, as well as in recruiting an executive, required an expertise and specialized approach. If a company wants to obtain the best candidate for the position of executive, is not enough to spread advertising vacancies through the media or by the word of mouth. For that, LUMIRA provide services by filtering the best executive candidates.