HR Consulting

LUMIRA providing human resource consulting services that will deliver an HR department achieve optimal performance for the company’s progress.

Human Resource Department is a strategic partner in a company. The Scope of the work of Human Resource Department is generally responsible for the entire planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and improvement of recruitment processes and organizational development company. Also workforce, training programs, the process of promotion, staff transfer, staff demotion up to ISO certification.

Human resource department can further evaluate and improvements in regulations and policies related to the company . HR department can build up the recruitment process and the optimum selection according to the needs of the company. Able to balance between the company’s progress and welfare of employees. HR department responsible for the implementation of training programs for the improvement of human resources and the company’s organizational system analysis, evaluation and continuous improvement of the quality management system related companies. HR department responsible for the completion of the issues related to the organization of employees to industrial relations .

We will provide HR Consulting & Strategy with a demonstrated history of guiding our clients in making objective and measured systems.

Up to now we support and facilitated our clients in scope of :

  • Recruitment (Support Company for recruitment until Top Level Position)
  • HR Consulting :
    • Creating Salary Structure, which start from Job Analysis – Job Evaluation – Job Grading – Until Grading Salary (set up Salary Structure and Scale) which adjusted of Company policy, mercer and government regulation
    • Creating PA Based on KPI (Balance Score Card) and Competency area
    • Psychological Assessment (For Recruitment, Job Promotion, Employee Mapping)